Custom template for (jetengine) custom post type


When i use Elementor Pro to create a custom single template and give it the display condition to only show on a single post type (or even on all) it just doesn’t show…

How come? Because when i install the hello theme this works right away… But i like the extra things your theme provides… And we are in the last part of the design of the site so switching theme would be a real big issue…

Maybe other people experienced this issue and know a work around?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, I have had a problems with Elementor Pro and the custom single templates I have made.

Same with Jet engine plugin and compatibility issues with Elementor Pro.

My work around was to revert the the previous version of Jupiter Theme, but that is not ideal.

Right now my site isn’t displaying the custom single templates.


My ‘workaround’ is to save the template. and import it into each post with that custom post type :frowning:
When i have some spare time i will see if there’s a good way to fix this. Maybe for the time being as some hooks in a functions.php child theme.