CUSTOM POST TYPES on Portfolio and Blog elements




I asked about this feature some time ago, and the more websites i make with Jupiter, the more i feel this need:

I think it’s very important that BLOG or PORTFOLIO elements work with CUSTOM POST TYPES… The only way to do this now is with Visual Composer POST GRID element, but is much slower to load than Jupiter loop elements, and doesn’t make the featured image as VIDEO or sound player…
The solution is just place a pull down with the possibility to choose a Custom Post Type, as in Visual composer post grid.



Well, a blog is a post type and portfolio is itself a custom post type.

Okay, I think I understand.

You want a element which will work for the custom post types like there are elements that work for the blog or portfolios? Is that what you are trying to say??



Yes, this would be great. I think what is being requested is to be able to display custom post types in the same formats as the you can with blog or portfolio etc.


Jupiter have some Post Types like Blog (posts), Portfolio, News… But the Jupiter elements on WPBakery page builder, only allow to work with the correspondent Post Type… Portfolio with Portfolio Post Type, Blog with Posts and News with news… Each element have different settings, you can’t have the features of Blog element on Portfolio Post Types, (for example: Blog element let have a video thumbnail on the blog grid, and you can’t have that with Portfolio element)… and it is even worse with News element, because you have little options.

But if we need to have more post types, you need to create Custom Post Types and Custom Fields (with plugins like Pods, CPT UI or ACF for example), Jupiter elements doesn’t allow to choose a different Post Type… or choose different fields (only Title, date, author, category, etc).

Example: If you need to create a Custom Post Type for Restaurants, and you have Custom Fields for Local, main dishes, price… you can’t use Jupiter elements… and you must use the Post Grid and Grid Builder that came with WPBackery… the problem is that it is very slow to load because of ajax… and Jupiter elements are much faster and smooth… or you must buy a plugin like “Content Views Pro”.