Custom 404 Pages



Hello Artbees!

Clients would like to customize their 404 page. Link to certain pages or custom pics or text. Is this something you can implement in the near future? Really hope we can get this as an option!


I’d love this feature as well! Something so simple but it would really make a difference.


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


+1. Custom 404 is a must.



I’d love to customize it. For instance, choose a specific menu…

Thanks in advance


How i chose the specific menu ?


+1 on Custom 404 pages


+1 for custom 404 pages!


It’s been almost a year @Nikolay_Kolev! Any news? We would like to offer AWESOME 404 pages :wink:


+1 for custom 404 pages!


Having the ability to customize the stock 404 page would be advantage. Count me in.


@Nikolay_Kolev are we going to see this feature soon? :slight_smile:


+1 Yes pleeeease :+1:


It’s probably best to just go ahead and use a plugin for that I guess…


I would love to have this option too, but I suppose they can’t do it for any reason, because this post has more than a year
Anyway, I need to customize my 404 page.
Does anybody know any plugin to do it? (I’m using WP multisite)


Does this plugin work?


Add me too for 404 pages :slight_smile:


I’d love full custom error page support on Jupiter please.


+1 for custom 404 pages


+1 for custom 404 pages