Css file building problem


Every time we login to the backend, the main css file at goes to a 404. Then we press ‘Delete Cache’ and the css file is there again. Site is not live yet - https://new.leadassign.com/ is the site https://new.leadassign.com/wp-content/uploads/jupiterx/compiler/jupiterx/d6b4129-bb538d2-6a9f9ee.css?ver=5.0.3 is the file that is very often 404


Everytime you make a change in the customizer, the theme will refresh the CSS file and change it’s name to avoid the cache issue.

Which cache plugin are you using?


Yes that was the problem I thought that the ‘Delete Cache’ button was a Jupiter thing, but it was WPSuperCache, which I promptly removed. It fixed the issue.


Glad you fixed the issue :+1: