CSS code showing up in blog excerpt


I’m having an issue where there is some extraneous CSS code that is showing up in the Blog Excerpt for the most recent post on the blog page. I’m not able to find where this is being generated and am not able to remove it.

I have tried manually setting the excerpt, but that doesn’t not help. I am running the latest version of the theme (6.1.6).

Any help would be great appreciated!


It seems you have fixed it already.
How did you fix it?


Unfortunately, I have not fixed it. I just switched the page element to a different version. You can see the error on this temporary page now:

Curious that it is only with that one post…

Thank you for your help!


This is the post grid that comes default with the WPBakery and yes, it has some problem.
It is better to use the Blog element that comes with Jupiter in WPBakery.