Create New Post Type


I would like to create a custom post type. I have some experience with doing this, but are there best practices specific to Jupiter that would allow it to be more compatible with the theme?



You can use this plugin to create custom port type:

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Is there a way to have the Jupiter post meta data (post options, etc) in Custom Post Type?


I’ve installed CPT UI and created a new CPT. However, when I go to Elementor to create a new Single Template there’s not a Select Post Type field for me to choose the CPT. So when I go into Elementor to edit the new Single Template there are no SINGLE options to drag and drop CPT fields into the template.

Please can you explain what I need to do in order for the CPT fields to be included as Elementor elements when editing the Single Template — thank you.

Two screenshots attached: 1) Choose Template Type in Jupiter X, 2) Choose Template Type with Elementor Pro that includes Select Post Type (screenshot taken from a tutorial video)