Copy individual page sections or content from templates


Rather than installing an entire template on my site, I was hoping I would be able to pick and choose sections or elements from various available templates and apply them to pages or areas of my site.

Is there way to extract the individual page sections or WP Bakery Code from the templates Jupiter has available online and apply them to my site pages?

Thanks for the help.


To achieve this, you will have to install the template first and then copy the shortcodes of the section you want to add to the page.

I suggest adding a sub folder or sub domain and installing & registering the Jupiter theme. You can use the same API key to register the theme on the sub domain or sub folder site.

Once registered, you can install the template and then copy the shortcodes of the desired sections.



With jupiter 6 and below this works fine. But what about jupiter X?


Unfortunately, there is no such option for Jupiter X as Elementor does not use shortcodes to work.

Though there is a copy paste function in Elementor but I am not sure if you can copy/paste between sites.
Or may be you can try import/export of Elementor pages.