Content width on mobile


Hi All,

I am a relatively new user of Jupiter X and have used the Dictaeus template as a starting point for a new simple WP site. All has been good except that when viewed on a mobile the site content is very narrow and doesn’t use the full width of the screen. I have tried checking the settings of the widgets in elementor for mobile display but can’t see where i’m going wrong. A few screen shots below, any help would be greatly appreciated!



Please share the page URL?
Also, which element are you using on the page?
Do you recall having added any padding/margin to the element for the desktop view?


Hi Danish,

Thanks for you reply. The URL is

It seems to be effecting all elements equally. I’ve just checked and it doesn’t look like i’ve adding padding or margins to any of the elements.



There is a right and left margin added to the body of the site.
Please go to Jupiter X -> Site settings -> Styles and click on BODY option. Then, set the margins to 0.


Thank you that’s done it!


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: