Contact info: telephone number doesn't link


Have found several other requests for this feature - any chance it could be done?
Would be great to make the telephone number clickable like the email field is
even if by making the short code field understand html?



Thank you for your request. I agree, this feature should be added.
For now, as a workaround you can do this:

Create views and widgets directories in your child theme with same directory hierarchy as the parent theme.
Then copy the widgets-contact-info.php file to the child theme’s widgets directory

To make the Phone number clickable replace the line 33 with this code

<?php if ( !empty( $phone ) ):?><li><?php Mk_SVG_Icons::get_svg_icon_by_class_name(true,'mk-icon-phone', 16); ?><span><a href="tel:<?php echo $phone;?>"><?php echo $phone;?></a></span></li><?php endif;?>



Thanks for reply - that works perfectly.


You are most welcome.