Confused and Unsure about page errors and loading problems


Hi guys, first time posting.

I’m currently working on my company’s webpage, but the loading for our homepage takes forever. I have removed one of the elements, a carousel, and it’s gotten faster, however, there are still over 100 errors which I have no idea how to fix.

Currently using
Jupiter X
Elementor Version 2.4.3
Raven Version 1.0.4
JetElements Version 1.14.7
JetMenu Version 1.5.4
JetWooBuilder Version 1.3.5
Jet Tricks Version 1.1.6
Jet Engine Version 1.2.4

As you can see, I haven’t updated to the latest version yet, especially for Elementor and Raven due to the page crashing entirely - and I did try different ways to do it, but still same the result. So, to avoid the same outcome, I left it as these versions.

The errors that I have mentioned:

Was wondering if anyone from the lovely community or the admin can help us with this problem!

Thank you for taking the time to read!


I recommend you to update everything to the latest version. But in case you see issues after updating, it’s better to remove the Elementor, Jet Elements and Raven completely first, then update the theme to the latest version and install the plugins from scratch. This will most probably resolves your issue.


Hello Mohsen!

I’ve updated everything (nothing crashed! thank you!) and the error issues haven’t really disappeared? I’ve realised that if I remove Sections during editing the webpage, the number of errors reduce, but I don’t think that’s ideal if that means whenever I add a Section it equals to increasing a number of errors on the page.

I’ve tried removing all Animation (or leaving just one), reducing image file sizes and the amount of inner columns per section. Unfortunately the same thing still occurs?

Thank you for taking the time to read!


After updating Elementor, it was working fine for a few minutes and now I am faced with this loading:

and the Page editing is missing?


I recommend you to enable the gZip Output compression as it mentioned here in this article:

it will resolve your loading issue. However for the errors inside the console. Would you deactivate all of your plugins except for Raven, Jupiter X Core and Elementor and see if it helps? It might be a plugin conflict.


Hello Mohsen!

I managed to find out that deactivating ‘Jet Elements for Elementor’ plugin enables Elementor editing sidebar works again! (thanks to another OP who asked about the same issue)

However, is there a way to fix ‘Jet Elements for Elementor’ plugin when used with Elementor?

Also in regards to the gZip Output compression. I will look into it.

Thank you


Actually,. the gZip Output Compression is the key solution here. It will make the plugin work fully functional again.


Hello Mohsen!

Thank you for the swift reply! I will get to it immediately and update you on the progress.

Additionally, will this also fix the missing Page editor? Or is this issue could be fixed another way without the gZip Output?

Thank you


the gZip Output Compression did not resolve the issues.

The errors are still there and the loading speed is slow :sweat:

And out of curiosity, Mohsen, I hope I don’t come across as being rude and it’s not my intention at all.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find it a bit strange that when I first bought Jupiter X (back in November or December 2018) and activated all the relevant plugins, there were little to no problems at all, and if there were issues they were quickly and easily resolved after the first time (found most answers in the Community). However, after all these updates, bugs keep appearing and it’s become quite a hassle. From what I understand that these updates are necessary to smooth out and fine tune issues, and also make the process of creating our own webpage an even better experience each time.

Artbees Community is a really helpful one and you guys do a great job of replying as best as you with patience and as fast as possible. Thank you for that, truly :pray:t2:. I just hope that the next update will resolve all, if not, most issues without compromising the things that are currently working well.



I experienced this 403/500 error behaviour also, but then checked first what’s may be wrong on my or the providers side and the following test turns out, that these “problems” are common or at least my “known problems with workarounds”:
(1) long lasting sessions (if you spend hours in elementor editor, your resources on the server and browser (!) may be eaten up)
(2) big and huge pages (here the gzip option may help, but depends also on browsers support)
(3) you work in a tiny cheap hosting environment (see (1) )
(4) you have a poor network connection or your webhost / setup is bad (htaccess, to much rewrites ?)

i just did yesterday a short test: after staying in wp admin console for more than 5 hours, I got some strange responses or stalled connections. Resolution: log out, quit all session, purge cache (even I do not use caching in my browser in the dev environment), had a coffee for 30mins and logged in again. voila - fast response and no more errors anymore. Other solution some days ago: just for fun I added and duplicated some hero sections with background image (each section about 120kB), image boxes and some other elements … suddenly there came a point, where the page was not updateable anymore … (403/500) … after 4-10 tries to update the page I succeed, but the solution was either check compression or reduce silly page sizes …


Hello Dieter,

I’ll be honest; I had a good laugh at your points, because thinking back on it, they’re pretty much true.

I will heed your advice and try your resolution of logging out, quitting all sessions, purge cache and go for a cup of coffee for 30 mins before logging in again.

As for reducing image size, I have had tried that and it’s gotten faster, but by not much and the errors are still present. The only solution I came up with is reducing the number of Inner Columns per Section and even then, it doesn’t completely solve everything.

Thank you for your help and reply! I will keep you updated!


Errors still not resolved, however, clearing the cache whenever it starts to lag helps with the loading.

When inspecting the errors, it keeps popping up [ H1’ is not a valid selector. ] and I tried changing my Text from H1 to H2 or use Text Editor, the problem still remains.


hi Viida,

Can I ask you to share your WP and FTP credentials in private so I take a closer look? Usually, you shouldn’t have those errors and if you have, it means something wrong. Since It is not reported anywhere else, I need to check it on your end. Thanks for the understanding.



Hello Mohsen!

Apologies for the late reply!

Unfortunately, I do not have the permission for a third-party to access WP and FTP credentials. However, I have attached an image of our FTP page and would like to know which areas you would like to have a closer look?

Thank you for taking the time to read!


@viida: this might be a challenge for Rohsen :wink:

your .htaccess file looks quite “Big” for a normal wordpress site …
do you have any special plugins activated ?

rgds, Dieter


Hello Dieter!

I have deactivated many of the plug-ins leaving only Jupiter X, Elementor, Raven, and the Jet Elements. It hasn’t increased the loading speed as much.

Checking the Page Source of my homepage we discovered this:

I have a file for the entire thing and the error_log too, however, I don’t know how to upload it on this comment? Unless I have to send it privately?

I hope this helps? :sweat_smile:

Thank you!


Uploaded to a dropbox:



looks interesting :slight_smile: … you have also about 60 errors during loading your page. Mainly with the error like

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘querySelectorAll’ on ‘Document’: ‘#7 > DIV:nth-child(2) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > SECTION:nth-child(21) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV:nth-child(1) > DIV > H1’ is not a valid selector.
at Object.getElementByLocators (
at MutationObserver. (

your landing page looks fancy and cool and from a structure point of view not that complex. do you use for positioning a lot of inner sections ? what I can see, dealing with standard sections should be enough with your structure and you might use about 8 sections only.

simple way to fix the errors (without analysing them): create a new empty page, open the old one as well in elementor editor (second tab) and copy / paste the content from one tab to the other.

  1. poor network performance also detected, but mainly because of my environment here :slight_smile: … but consider also to check your hosting environment (what do you use ?)

are you familiar with chromes developer console ? you can see there in the network section also long lasting queries … take care on disabling the browsers cache - this will give you consistent results on reloads :wink:


Hello Dieter!

Apologies for the late reply. I am currently in the process of creating a new page and slowly adding in sections like my Home Page, and then testing for any lags and errors in the process. So far, I have found out that:

  • Google Fonts pop up errors
  • Using Header with a long sentence (I’m guessing there’s a limit amount of words/characters are allowed? - This is fixed using Text Edit) also causes errors
  • Spacer before a Header (one word) - another error

Creating inner sections (about three) does not pop up any errors but it definitely increases the loading speed, since I used pictures which I have tried my best to compress the file size without compromising the quality too much.

As for my hosting environment, we use GoDaddy.

I will update again soon.

Thank you once again for taking the time!