Compatibility issues on old devices/OS


After a recent update of JupiterX (from 1.6 to 1.9.1) and associated plugins as Raven, I noticed a critical display issue on old devices as, for example:

  • iOS 9.3 and older
  • OSX El Capitan and older
  • IE 11 on Win7

The issue : only header, footer and content zones (with background image) are displayed, but no content appear… (maybe because entrance animation was set up on them?).

N.B. I downgraded step by step, and observed that all was OK until JupiterX 1.7 with Raven 1.3.3.

If Win7 and IE 11 can be considered as in “end-of-life”, other old Apple devices are still used (I heared about 10% for El Capitan), and can’t be really neglected for the moment.

Thus my question is : is this a deliberate decision from Artbees to ignore these OS/Browsers, or will they be re-introduced as compatible in upcoming updates ?

Thanks in advance.


After hours and hours of new investigations :rage:, Raven (since 1.4) seems to be the source of this critical issue.

My header has a Raven “Search Form” widget :

  • When set to “fullscreen” mode, all the contents following stay hidden (with ‘.elementor-invisible’ class) on old devices/browsers (> see my initial post)
  • When set to “classic” > OK even on devices/browsers

Please, could you take this critical point in consideration in your further releases ???



I encountered the same bug with Raven’s “Counter” widget…
On old devices/browsers (> see my initial post), every content placed AFTER widgets like Counter and Search (full-screen mode) stay hidden… Moreover, the first counter stays at ‘0’, does not work…

I found no “hand made” emergency solution… I really hope Artbees will solution this in next releases.


Any update on these issues? We have an elementor site with raven elements that also does not work on IE 11. Major sections of the site simply do not display.


Personnally I don’t have any solution for now…
Maybe Artbees should remove the “IE 11 compatibilty” from the JupiterX page on ThemeForest ? Being honest is a good thing, isn’t it ?