Choppy page transitions and preloader

  1. When I click between menu item links, it loads all the un-styled content like crazy between pages loading. Looks choppy and very unprofesh. Will this be smoothed out?

  2. Is there an option for a site preloader? Was a nice element of Jupiter. Where is that in Jupiter X?


If the issue is still happening, can you share a screenshot or a small video of the issue?
Also, are you using any cache plugin?


Hi Danish, This is happening on a site i’ve just built for a client - I have it on a staging server at Could you have a look into it for me? I can email you some logins if necessary? many thanks, Dan


Same issue on my site. I can see unstyled social icons and other elements for a second or two.


It seems that you have a problem described in this topic:

If that is your problem, please, leave some replies and likes there, so that the developers notice the problem and start fixing it.


The site can’t be reached


It’s a known issue with Jupiter X and it will be fixed in the future.


Has been there been any update on the fix for this issue?


Jupiter X 1.2.0 It is not fixed. The following css files are still placed in body tag on pages with elementor header\footer that are not built with Elementor:
I can see menu glitches.


This fix might help: