Child theme not loading correctly


I just downloaded and installed Jupiter X on a staging website. I always create a child theme for my custom CSS. Activated the child-theme, got to setup to Jupiter X options just fine except I found out it is not loading my child-theme’s style.css at all, it also seems my child-theme’s functions.php is not even being loaded. I need this for my projects.

Also my 2 cents about choosing Elementor: I have to yet fully explore the possibilities of this new page builder but I have already found out that it’s fully focussed on front-end editing and for me as a professional using this theme this just feels as a step back. It’s focussed on use by the masses and the not-so experienced people who would like to be able to click their way through designing a website. I’d like to have more control over everything instead of being forced to use a drag and drop editor.



About the child theme - I tested this on my site and the child theme is working fine. I also added the style.css and functions.php files and they are also working fine. Could you please share your child theme with me?

About the Elementor - By wanting more control, what exactly are you referring to?