Checkbox in contact form (GDPR)


Will you add checkboxes for the Jupiter contact form, as it’ll be the required element since May 2018 in EU to have a sender’s consent to keep and use his/her personal data as a result of General Data Protection Regulation.

I know it’s possible to make checkboxes in Contact Form 7, but I’d like to use Jupiter’s contact form.


Important! I Support this request. Otherwise so many German / EU Sites have to disable this. This should be implemented until 25.05.2018, also inside the quick-contactforms. So many customers ask me this daily!


This request is bound to the regulatory rule that will come into force on May 25, 2018 in the European Union. If this option is not offered, the forms that Jupiter brings by default will be useless and their use will be out of legality throughout the European Community. The ARTBEES developers should see this as a competitive opportunity with other developers to implement this option on their forms. Otherwise Jupiter will be a good subject but its forms will be useless and will not comply with the legality for European users.


+1 for this feature - needed soon!


Me too! We need it ASAP, along with anonimyze IP.


Needed here too.
Actually, this shoudn’t need a poll, it’s just the law… and not just for EU based sites, every website that MIGHT have UE visitors (so actually almost any website) has to be GDPR compliant.


Yes, it affects about 10 pages and it would be very important.


Indeed it affects any site based in Europe or dealing with European visitors (even just one). So basically it probably affects 99% of all websites out there.


I would be happy, if you could add customizable gdpr-checkboxes to Jupiter contact form AND the comments section. Thx!