Change URL for logo


Hello all,
Is there a way to change the URL of the logo to a different URL. I haven’t been able to find the location of where to do this. Thanks.



Do I understand you correctly that you want to make it so that a when user clicks on your website logo, then it opens another page than frontpage of your site?


Please kindly add the code below to Theme Options > Advanced > Custom JS:

jQuery(’.header-logo a’).attr(‘href’, ‘’);

You should change the link with your own link.

If the code is not working for you please kindly open up a ticket in our support forum where we will check why the code is not working.


This worked great!

Is there a way to change it specifically for different pages? I have 4 or 5 different sections on my membership site with their own logos and “home-pages”. Because of this, I need to assign the logo link to these homepages’ URLs according to which section the user is in.

For example: has different membership levels - Red: | Blue: | Green:

If I’m a green member, I can access pages like,, etc

If I click the logo for Green, I would like it to take me to green homepage:

But if I am a Red member, and I click the logo for Red, I would like it to take me to red homepage:

Hopefully I explained that well enough. How can I do that?


This worked great for me, just had to make sure I wrapped that line of jquery in a script tag to get it to work, thanks!


I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work. Does it make a difference if I used the Header Builder to build the header - would the code then change for the logo?


Hey Brandon,

I’m sure you’ve figured this out but this is for anyone else that comes through this forum and needs help.

To configure for individual pages just add the (replace X with the actual id) and then copy that for as many pages as you need.

Here’s the code that worked for us:

jQuery(window).load(function() {

jQuery(' .header-logo a').attr('href', '');
jQuery(' .header-logo a').attr('href', '');
jQuery(' .header-logo a').attr('href', '');