Change textcolor in a textblock



I have all on latest version. My font and its color are set. But now I want one texblock with wihte textcolor. And I don’t want to mark the text and make it white. So I can’t see it in the editor anymore.
I want to use it in my custom css. Therefore a make an entry in he custom css:

.whitetxt { color: white; }

Now I open the textblock an add whitetxt in the field Extra class name. But nothing changed.

How can I change the textcolor via css in a textblock?



Could you please show a page where you want to make changes and specify what textblock needs to be modified?

Thank you.
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Here is the page:

The text in the red box starting with “L’association est heureuse…” should be white. And in the textbox at the end I entered whitetxt.

My custom css look like:

.whitetxt { color: #ff00ff !important; font-size: 40px;}



Please try this css code:

.whitetxt p {
    color: white;

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Oh. Yes, that was easy.

Shame on me that I didn’t found myself. :smirk: Thank you.


You’re welcome.

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Hi there,

I would like to change colour in a textbox. Do we need to use custom CSS to do this or is there a quick feature to change the text colour.

PS This is my first time using wordpress. I may need some help if I am to use custom CSS.



You can set the text color in Text element in Visual Composer writing this code in Text editor (not Visual editor):
<p style="color:blue;">Your text</p>

Change “blue” to your color.

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Hi there,

I would like to do the same, just coloring my text in my textblock white.
I would like to include the headline. Is there a way to write a exception for all my headlines
and texts in white? Is there a possibility to define a class or ID so that I can use it more often?

Thank you!