Change one menu item color


Hi there,
I’m trying to change only one item color (shop) to something different than the rest but I fail at it.
I know I can add a class name to the menu item on wordpress but then when I add css to that class name still does not show up.

am I missing something?


Try adding !important to your CSS.


As Aaron said, if your applying it correctly just slap good ol’ !important and it normally works.


Hi @Liam_Geary1 and @Aaron_Monse ,

could you explain this a little bit more? I have the same question as @La_Clandestina, but I don’t know what i need to add to the CSS file to highlight one single menu item.
You can find my website via:

The word ’ Offerte’ needs a different color.

I hope you guys can help me!

Thank You