Change default language woocommerce in wordpress?


Hi i want toswitch to german language for the complete woocommerce plugin (admin and site).

How can i do that? Wordpress is configrued as german language…



You need translate Woocommerce as described in their article:

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In essence, your post

indicates that WordPress

  • has been installed in another language (not being German)
  • the Dashboard settings have been set to “German” manually

and this implies that WooCommerce will (often) use the language of the default install of WordPress.

In general, WooCommerce

  • detects the default language of the installation and uses that default language
  • installs and updates all (proper) translation files automatically

and this implies that it normally should NOT be necessary to translate WooCommerce, since it should include the German language packages.

There are a number of methods to make sure that WooCommerce (and WordPress) are in German:

a) completely re-install WordPress (in German) and WooCommerce afterwards, (OR - more easy)

b) download the

  •, (and)
  • woocommerce-de_DE.po

package files (see and save them to the …/wp-content/languages/plugins directory, (OR - if these package files are already present and the German language is not active for WooCommerce),

c) force WooCommerce to use a custom translation file: this method is not recommended (as it will fail to update the language packages, new versions of the language packs have to be installed manually), but I can give you some hints, if strictly necessary.

In short, I would recommend to try “method b)” first.

Hope the above helps a bit.



Many thanks! Thats it. Good answer


How can i change the lanugage from the contact form …?


Hello @Andreas_Friedrich,

To translate contact form, you need edit .po file of the theme as described in the article

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Hey guys, can I change the language to arabic?



Yes, you can translate the theme strings following this article:

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