Change contact form fields



I would like to change the text in the contact form. Eg. "Email* to “E-mail*”. As there is no way to do this with Bakery Builder i thought I go through the php file itself at /wp-content/themes/jupiter/components/shortcodes/mk_contact_form/components/email-field.php but any changes made there are not working.

Can someone give me the correct path to the file which renders the fields?

Thank you!



I saw you were replied in the ticket regarding this query.
Did you follow the suggestion from the ticket?

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Artbees Support.


Hi, not yet. Honestly I don’t think that this will get me to the solution I asked for.
The easiest thing would have been if you had just provided me the path to the php or html file which I would could have easily change. Now I have to install another plugin that I don’t know… Well I guess I’ll find out somehow.

Best, D



Please show a page where you want to make changes.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.