Can't use Jupiter composer


Hi guys, i use the version 3.9.3 of Jupiter. But now i can’t use the composer. Thes still not work.
I have to update first to version 4 and then to version 5. How can i download this two versions?

I have payed for this theme and for the composer and now i can’t use this… thats not cool!

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


Open a ticket and they can send you older versions, I believe version 4 is actually also in the download folder. You should always keep WP and the theme updated. VC did a major update when WP updated recently to fix the error everyone was having where it wouldn’t load in the backend. So it wasnt a Jupiter problem it was VC.


Let me guess, VC stopped working after you updated your Wordpress to 4.5?
Jupiter 3.9.3 has older (read: very very old) version of Visual Composer that is not compadible with Wordpress 4.5.

Basically you have two options:

  1. Update your theme to a 5-th generation of Jupiter.
    That would mean some work if you have any customisations in the child theme as Jupiter 5 uses different folder structure.

  2. Update to Jupiter 4.5.
    Artbees has released a legacy version of Jupier that has number of 4.5. This version has an updated Visual Composer that should support Wordpress 4.5. But please bare in mind that Artbees probably wont support 4-th generation of Jupiter forever and eventually you have to keep up with life and update to the latest version of Jupiter (currently 5.1.3.).
    As @ben_childs noted, Jupiter 4.5 can be found inside Jupiter files that you download from themeforest.

PS: And dont forget to backup before you update anything.