Can't install Templates


I have installed Jupiter X (fresh install). Did the activation…I installed Jupiter X Core plugin and activated, then went to the control panel for the theme and went to plugins…tried clicking “add” on any plugins and it doesn’t work. It just pops up with “Something went wrong”

So then I went to WP plugins, add new, and uploaded all the plugins included in the zip file for the theme.

All included plugins are now installed and activated including Elementor. However, the theme control panel doesn’t recognize that any of the plugins are there.

Then I tried to go to theme control panel and install the Candle shop template. It gets through first 2 steps, then just stays on install necessary plugins forever. I have tried several times.

Is there a manual process for installing the template? And were would I get the template files / media?


I have the same issue. Did you find any solution?


Indirectly. I opened a ticket for it and the Artbee’s team installed the template for me. I gave them both WP-admin and FTP access.