Can't Install Templates in v1.6.0


After updating JupiterX to v1.6.0 I can’t install any template anymore. The installation process hangs at “install required plugins” Does this have anything to do with the new way of installing plugins (TGMPA)


I’m having the same issue for 1.6. It just gets stuck at the plugins part too. I’ve reverted the site back to 1.5 and have it functional now.

Would be great to get this addressed ASAP.


Yep, same here. The template installation gets stuck after the package downloads is completed. Wish someone on the Artbees team would see and respond to this. I have a deadline for a project and this is setting me back.


try to disable the plugin --> Advanced Custom Fields


Awesome. Just disabled. Should I disable to PRO version as well or just the regular one?

Thanks so much for the response!


This “trick” was told to me by the Artbees Support.

There is a problem with free version of Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
It should be disabled and keep ACF Pro enabled.

This issue was reported to the developers and they are investigating it.

Please take our apologies for inconveniences.
Thank you for understanding.


I can’t even get to the point where it hangs as templates never even start to do anything when I click Import.

The button does absolutely nothing… clean wordpress, only installed the theme and required plugins.


Please start a chat or support ticket with the Artbees to get more personalized help.


Thanks, this works. Disabled ACF free and template installed in a few minuets.