Can't install a template



i can’t install a template. I choose Zethus in the setup wizard but it won’t install and doen’t get to the next bullit. Also another template wil not install and in the control panel i can’t reach to my templates (see picture).
The website: sander

I tried to delete jupiter x, and instal the theme again, but no result. Also al clean reinstall of Wordpress doesn’t get me any further. I use Wordpress 5.1.

Thanks in advance!



I cannot wait to see their response here because the same thing happened to my site except, it gave me white screens. Have refreshed my WordPress site to scratch and have submitted a ticket to my host provider to look into the issue as well to find the exact error.

It seems to be a powerful tool, but from the looks of the latest one-star reviews, I was tempted to give this company a one-star review sharing my experience, Artbees respond to those low reviews by saying submit a ticket. I would like to give them a fair chance. I love Elementor Pro; yet, as soon as I downloaded Jupiter X and it’s promising themes, everything wrong happened you would not hope for.

A lot of their latest reviews have been poor, but the only thing that kept me using them was because of their timely responsiveness to reviews and that is what you can trust.

I’m confident Artbees will show up here.

Artbees where are you?


You probably don’t have the cUrl extension installed on your web server. I recommend you to check the System Status page and see if you lack in any of the requirements and contact your web host to provide it for you.