Cannot install jupiter x core


Same here. Tried another browser. Tried icognito window. Still cannot install the core.
I have a lost weekend now… I was going to knock out this website yesterday and today, instead I’ve been spinning my wheels… I’ve never even gotten a chance to use this theme since purchasing it. VERY frustrating.


Same problem does not work


Sorry, some DNS servers have Delay and that is causing this issue. As a temporary workaround, please find the plugin in the Jupiter package (“All files and Documentations”) you download from ThemeForest. It has all the plugins there and you can install it manually until your DNS server updates.


This solution worked for me.


No solution worked for me, none.

Keep getting fatal errors when edit page with elementor, and the homepage of my website is completely blank.


Are you using SiteGround hosting?


No, my hosting is webhs.

I installed wp, uploaded jupiterx theme, and i already did the several steps mentioned above this thread and on other sites, i keep getting all the time the fatal error on elementor and blank page on homepage. No solution yet? Just fixes that may work or not?