Cannot access my API Key


Having updated to Jupiter V5.0.7 it’s asked for my API key. Once signed into the Artbees site, my account shows no product registered. I have paid for and used Jupiter since 2013. If I add my purchase key, then I receive a message saying it’s already registered by ‘email address’ which is my email and belongs to the account I’m signed in with.

As I cannot use my own code, I cannot even raise a support ticket. Please can someone help?




Hey, kindly send ur issue to me again at: I will handle it from there. :blush:


Thanks for the speedy response, email sent.


Thank you, Alex will follow up the case.


I have a problem with API key also. Err msg “Your API key could not be verified. Another site is already verified with this API key.”

I previously used a Mac at home and it was verified then. But now I have to use a PC laptop to continue the project and I’ve copied my API key and this message popped up. Could that be a reason why it’s not accepting my key?

Need help urgently! Thanks!


umm, found the answer in one of the posts, simply delete current API key, and get a new one… duh.