Can not create backup db file - SOLVED


I am having the same issue as a lot of people and you are not responding it.

I am trying to import the templates to my theme but I am getting this message: Can not create backup db file.

Could you help me, pls?



Same here even downgraded to previous version but same problem.


Got a reply from support; @Marcos_Douglas_da_Silva

Please go to the “wp-content/uploads” folder and create two directories there if they don’t exist:
After that try to install a template.


Please follow @Kay_van_Aarssen solution above as it works fine.


Thanks @Kay_van_Aarssen it works fine! :slight_smile:


Also, this issue will be solved in the next release. Thanks for being patient.


I’m am still having issues. Can’t install any theme. None of the solutions worked for me

Is there any chance we get this solved?


Same here. Added the folders, checked the permissions, updated every plugin and theme. still error at creating db backup.