Can Jupiter X Side bar does like this?


Hi guys,
I’m a beginner and would like to as you whether Jupiter X has this feature or not?
from this theme, I’ve added the product into the cart and that will have a cool side bar shopping cart as the picture in attached. so please advise thanks in advance.

the theme demo as below link.

the theme demo as below link.


Yes Jupiter has side cart box. Add a product to cart and then click on basket icon you will see:


Hi There ,
thanks for your replied but still can’t do it.
Much Appreciate if you can advise me step by step?

Sorry I’m a new beginner.


The cart box in the header shown in the above link is the default cart box of Jupiter X.
It should show automatically.

Could you please share the site URL?


HI Danish,
Thanks for your reply, herewiith the theme link that I mention.


You will be able to have something like this. Please click on the cart icon on this link


Hi Danish,
Thank you so much, That what i’m looking for. so how to do it? or any additional plug in require?


This is a default cart that comes with Jupiter X. You do not need any plugin or setting, once you install the theme and activate the Woocommerce, it will show automatically.


Hi Danish,
I’ve tried to follow you but seem like it does not work here.

I’ve tried to click on the shopping cart icon but nothing happened. seem like the quick cart menu doesn’t work as It should.

My brower is Chome & Safari. It doesn’t work at all.





I’ve tried to import this template into my site but seem like the quick cart view is not working as it should

my site :

Any ideal please let me know.


I’ve tried to change theme by activate Theme Twenty Nineteen… It’s working as it should!!!

Surprise me that this is Jupiter X bugs?
Any people encounter the same as me, please share


Can you see the CART working fine here ?


Hi Danish,
yes, it’s working properly


Then, it should work for your site too if you are using Jupiter X.
That said, this might need some more investigation, please log into your Artbees account and start a Live chat so that this can be investigated further.


thanks Danish. Much appreciate.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: