Call to Action button on header


Hi all! We’re looking to implement a persistent CTA button on the header for our website using the Jupiter 5 theme.

Apparently it can be done with CSS but our attempts have resulted in the CTA being directly after our last menu item (see illustration - sorry for my “art” skills). Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


It would be AWESOME to have these types of CTA in the header. So far I am using the Start Tour option in the theme options, but that is no where near as nice as the buttons I have seen on other themes!


looking for CTA too! hopefully it gets implimented asap!


We are building a site with a CTA using CSS. Work in progress:
Is this something you are looking for(?), cause I could provide the CSS used for this.


That would be very helpful!


I’d like this function too built into the theme. A couple clients have asked for it. One wanted a ‘buy now’ button, and another a ‘donate’ button.


did you manage it? I also need a donate button…


No, sorry, I didn’t.



Please check out the below article to add a CTA to your nav menu.