Bug In The New Update


My elementor is extremely slow to load the element page, plus sometimes the page won’t load at all


Does it show any error while you try to access the page?


no the page builder just does not load, i currently switched to flatsome unit this is fixed because i am on a time schedule for my store i get about 5k people coming so i really need to get my site back up again.


Ok can you please let us know the web host your are using? We will try to replicate the issue on that web host. If possible, also share the plan details. Thanks.


I am currently using site ground i just switched from shopify, i decided to go with flatsome because it was quick, i get about 5k visitors a month waiting for errors to be fixed is costing me money.


Ok I can confirm we have this issue with SiteGround only and we are still investigating. Can you try it on another web host? Even on other cheapest plans on other web hosts we didn’t have this issue.


i have used the theme with host gator before works fine but im not switching my hosting i already paid for the year