Body font won't update


I got the heading fonts to update in the Customizer - but the body font won’t update no matter my selection. Yes, I’ve saved, refreshed, come back into Customizer, etc. My fonts are selectable (basic Google fonts) - and like I said works fine for heading fonts in the same section - but when BODY font is selected, nothing happens. On frontend it still shows the default “sans-serif” font as the computed type. I dont’ see my selection anywhere in frontend CSS.

Any ideas? I’ve also flushed Assets Cache afterward, no change.


I think you’d better to contact Artbees support so they can investigate your case closely. This is not a known issue. Could be anything such as plugin incompatibility.


Same problem here since the last update.
If this is an unknown problem, we must be missing something. @Colton_Joseph let me know if you find a solution (i’ll do the same)


@Colton_Joseph the problem on my side was that the last update reinitialized the model of the pages.
All my pages get updated with “model by default”.

I change all pages model for “elementor full widh” and this solde my problem of body font (and some other stuffs).
Hope this helps


That’s strange. Artbees guys would definitely look into this.


Honestly - it’s just easier to override with CSS than go through back and forth with support. Hopefully they read this though.


Maybe a mishandling. I had problem to update the raven plugin and i think that this is what lead to the problem


Be careful If a default font is selected in elementor you can not override it in customizer.


The whole typography system in jupiter X is totally bugged.

I have disable the elementor option to manage font and I setup another plugin to force the loading of font. But some times when i refresh the page (tested in firefox and edge) with CTRL+R some times(try 3/4 times until it happen) it lose completely the setup of tipografy color and size (a h1 h2 h3 etc) so is something bugged in raven or jupiterx

EDIT: Tried too with “Firefox Focus” (android) the site is very very very slow and lose completely the font setup.

Please check
Thank you



Once you have set a Body font once, if you choose another it wont update the available font list in the dropdown, keeping the previous selections only.


Remember to press Publish button and refresh the page.


I’d already done that, plenty of times.

Body was stuck on previous font, but everything else (heading 1 2 3 4 etc) I could select the new font.

The only way I was able to select a new Body font was exit my browser completely.


I Reported the issue.


Hi, any update on this? Been experiencing this problem. The body font won’t update. I’ve tested on different browsers already and cleared cache. :confused: