Body font won't display correctly (customizer)


Since last update v1.11.0 I lost my body font settings. There are back to default font (sans serif).
It’s still well set in the customizer (pt-sans) but the font isn’t displayed.
Surprisingly it works fine for the headings that i may change thru the customizer but impossible to get my body font (font that is selectable and load as i may use it for headings)
On frontend it still shows the default “sans-serif” font as the computed type. I dont’ see my selection anywhere in frontend CSS.

Any ideas? I’ve also flushed Assets Cache afterward, no change.


I ultimately had to roll the theme and Raven back. Then all my stuff started work again.


Thanks @Jeff_Ello
It’s a pity that there are no other solution than working with an older version!
I saw on the forum that the problem appeared from time to time.
@Danish_Iqbal any idea? Thanks.


I have this problem too … a little uncertain about how to roll back the plugins: Jupiter Core and Raven so I’m a bit stuck with issue at the moment. Any guidance would be great - thank you


I’m having the same issues, I’ve had to add a css rule to my custom css file with the “!important” variable to overwrite what the theme is trying to force. Not ideal but it’s getting me by until the theme is fixed. e.x. “html{font-family:din-2014, sans-serif !important;line-height: 1.4em !important;}”


I opened a ticket.
Artbees get back to me explaining that they investigating this problem that happen for user using Elementor Pro.

As you say @Jason_Logan the workaround to fix it is to force your font thru an additional css in Appearance > customize > additional CSS:

body {
font-family: your font,sans-serif;