Blog with Full Post & Blog Design


HI all, I have set up a blog with Raven and the widget posts to my side and have read full post in wordpress. Unfortunately he does not show me a full post and settings the full post rules I did not find in the posts widget. I created a post on my page called "Test " and posts an image. The picture would have to be visible on the start page because of full post but you only see it when you go on test in the article view. Now I have two ask how can I activate full post in posts and how can I disable the link to article view.

i have with Blog main view, Blog article view and Blog Categories Three different Blog designs, in main i have Center title and under title the Date, in article view have self but with text “Postet on” in categorie view i have only on left side the title sory this just doesn’t look good
how can i make self design with title and under date without postet on and same design for main, article view and categorie view?

How can i make a side map on start side in alll other side i have under Header —> Home / Impressum ,
i Wood like on start Page —> Home / Blog

oh, in time more and more queston :slight_smile:

thanks claudia


Unfortunately, there is no option to show the full post content in the POSTS widget that comes with the Raven plugin.


hm i have queston support in last days how can i make it then have me say take ravens. now you say not go with ravens. not understand wy go not with ravens its a small for doing this, and per click full on and off. i Wood like make a blog with this blog design on with full post. how can i make it with Jupiter X?