Blog Roll not showing any featured images


Hi there. My blog suddenly stopped showing featured images on the blog roll. Instead, I’m just seeing properly sized gray boxes. Here’s what I’ve already tried:

  • Updated Wordpress to latest version
  • Regenerated ALL thumbnails twice (using “regenerate thumbnails” plugin)
  • Reinstalled v5 of Jupiter
  • Upgraded to v6 of Jupiter
  • Deactivated & Uninstalled old version of Visual Composer
  • Installed and activated new version of WPBakery Page Builder
  • Created new page with new blog element
  • Cleared caches frequently
  • Checked for conflicting CSS
  • Tried multiple browsers

I’ve read the two similar threads, but they don’t seem to apply. So? What did I miss? It’s making me crazy and turning off my visitors. Can someone help? Thanks!

UPDATE: So, I just tried the one thing I forgot to try earlier… I turned off all the other plugins. Guess what… it was everyone’s favorite site killer, Jetpack. Specifically, the “Speed up images and photos” option. Avoid it, Jupiter users! Avoid it like the plague!


I am glad you got it working. :slight_smile:



I cannot do without the Jetpack image galleries, so I found this link useful:

Now I have the galleries ánd featured images working (weren’t shown when mobile)


I experienced this same problem too with Jupiter 6.2.0 and Jetpack 7.4.1, but recently updated Jetpack to 7.5.2 and the blog roll/loop now displays the featured images, so I suspect a change to Jetpack since 7.4.1 fixed the problem.