Blog ordering.. out of order


I’m having i’m a problem with the blog shortcode list ordering. No matter what I do… if I pick anything more then 2 columns there is an error in ordering.

As you can see it order correctly nº1, nº2, nº3, nº4 and then switched nº6 to nº5. From here on, the “middle” column is always out of order.

The same happens with 4 columns. 2 columns everything works correctly.



Please show a page link where you have the issue.

Thank you.
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Hello Tatyana

We are running this in an internal Vagrant, but you access it via an Azure VM



Please try this code in Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS:

@media (min-width: 1024px) {.mk-blog-newspaper-item .featured-image img {
    height: 281px !important;

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This problem has returned… what is going on…


Grid has the exact same problem… Not it appears to be rendering everything in a right to left … meaning 3 - 2 - 1 instead of 1 - 2 - 3 …

This problem is also visible in your demo content…

A new update… ASC is actually … working! but descending is not working at all…


BUMP!! this is an error in your template! Please fix this!!!



Now I can’t access this link as it asks for authorization.
Please provide the details or the correct URL where the issue persists.

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Artbees Support.


username: apk
password : 96c7516ded075c



Please try this code in Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS:

.mk-blog-newspaper-item .the-title {
    height: 45px;

and check the posts ordering after that.

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Artbees Support.