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The Magazine style is just what I’m looking for, but I’d like to be able to display the author’s name on the blog roll. Author names are shown in the Thumbnail style, for example. Is this possible with Magazine as well?



You need copy the file jupiter/components/shortcodes/mk_blog/loop-styles/magazine.php to the child theme with the same directory structure jupiter-child/components/shortcodes/mk_blog/loop-styles/magazine.php and replace the code in lines 43-51:

if ($view_params['disable_meta'] == 'true') {
    $output.= '<div class="mk-blog-meta">';
    $output.= '<time datetime="' . get_the_date() . '">';
    $output.= '<a href="' . get_month_link(get_the_time("Y") , get_the_time("m")) . '">' . get_the_date() . '</a>';
    $output.= '</time>';
    $output.= '<span class="mk-categories">&nbsp;' . __('', 'mk_framework') . ' ' . get_the_category_list(', ') . '</span>';
    $output.= '<div class="clearboth"></div>';
    $output.= '</div>';

with this code:

$output .= '<div class="mk-blog-meta">';
        if ($view_params['disable_meta'] == 'true') {
            $output.= mk_get_shortcode_view('mk_blog', 'components/meta', true);   
       $output .= '</div>';

How to install the child theme, please read here:

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