Assign custom CSS classes to Header Builder Elements




i would love to see an extra custom field per element in Header Builder where I can reference to an external CSS class or ID. Would make customization for advanced users way more comfortable and would also lign up with what I can do throughout Visual Composer.

Would you consider adding that in one of your upcoming releases please? Thanks.



I have reported this feature request to the dev team.

If the request is suitable and gets many votes, our dev team will consider adding it in the future.



yes! It’s need!

now I make custom css with Yellow Pencil Pro (premium plugin)

I don’t have coding and CSS experience and knowledge…so, I need visual instrument…


We already have a great deal of visual components for Header Builder.

Did you check those components?



I don’t understand what that has to do with my request for custom fields for classnames.


My last reply was meant for @Elisey_Trius

About your request, I have already reported that to the team.