API KEY and user not working


My purchase code is running with my old email account (expired since 2015).
How can i delete API KEY if I can’t login into my account? I try to enter wit my username and password but they don’t work. Also “FORGET PASSWORD” button doesn’t work 'cause message say “NO USER WHIT THIS EMAIL” and this is not possible. At the end, if I try to enter the purchase code with my new artbees account (and a new email) the system say (this code is on use by my old email). STILL CRAZY!

please help me



I would recommend you to send an email to Artbees support. Im sure that if you have your THemeforest purchase code in hand, then they can help you out.

The community forums are not monitored by Artbees so you would probably wait a month for an answer in here.


Thanks a lot Domino.
To open a ticket I need to insert my purchase code but when i do, error say that this code is already in use with the old email (email that is not present in artbees database O.o)

I found a name@artbees.net private email surfing this forum and I’ve write an email right now.
Thanks again…