Anchor menu: not workin from other pages


Hello everyone, I’m struggling with anchors. I have some on my header menu.
It all works fine in the home page, but when I get into the other pages, suddenly that absolute links don’t work anymore.
I have the same links in the footer - but hard-coded - and there, they work perfectly.
Did you experience the same issue?

Thank you so much


Having same issue. From Main Menu cant link part of a page…
I guess it’s a javascript problem, because disabling javascript on the browser result in the links working.

WP 5.2.3

Jupiter X theme

Jupiter X Core plugin

Raven plugin


Sorry about that,

Yes, i can confirm this problem is identified as a bug and its already fixed in the upcoming version of Jupiter X, if you guys want to fix it replace the content of this file wp-content/plugins/raven/assets/js/frontend.min.js with this:

And make sure it’s not loading over the browser cache. It should resolve the issue. However, the actual fix will be available in the next release by the help of the dev team.