All loops should work with custom post types



All loops should work with custom post types


Well, all the loop elements are specifically created for the respective custom post types because of some difference in the options or the way there are rendered.

I assume that you want an element that will work with all the custom post types? Right?



The general difficulty with using Jupiter is that it blocks basic wordpress functionality - you can’t have a customised single-[postname] or a custom archive template without a lot of hackery and difficult upgrades. You can’t have a fancy title running to the top of the page in single.php page because the page options are disabled.

Doing something equally simple, like adding a custom text post type, is impossible without a third party VC widget because your only current choice is to use the post-grid plugins (which in themselves don’t work especially well, because the grid editor it rather touchy).

There is no reason that users should be blocked from adding custom single pages, or prevented from using the blog widget, post carousel (it’s a one line change lets face it), blog showcase, blog teaser, category showcase, portfolio style, portfolio carousel, or product loop with a custom post type. They’re simply not significantly different than the default.

You might have an argument with pricing tables, news, employees, clients and FAQs.

Themes are supposed to extend wordpress functionality, not block it.


Yes, yes, yes and yes. Please add this as a feature. It would make this theme extremely versatile and much more usable for the creation of Enterprise/Corporate websites among many others.