Alignment: button left mobile


Hi, I have a problem with the button alignment. I have set the button alignment in WPBakery Page Builder on the left. On desktop it works! But on mobile it still puts the button in the center. Can someone help me with that? Thanks in advance!


Yes, it does it by default so that it matches with the rest of the alignment of the content.

Please share the page URL on which you have added the button and I can provide some CSS then?


He Danish!

Thank you for the reaction. We have fix it with css.

@media handheld, only screen and (max-width: 767px) {.mk-button-container {
text-align: left !important;

Do you think this works correctly with the theme?


Well, the CSS looks written fine to me but I can’t be sure whether it will work or not as I haven’t used this solution yet.