Advanced Google Maps not working


can you describe how to edit in details as i dont know how to access wp-content,themes,…


Thanks Ashen! Worked for me also.


Are you continuously receiving Google Maps not working or Google Maps not responding issues?

I have also faced many Google Maps issues like: Google Maps navigation not working or Google Maps street view not working etc. but thanks to Zero Dollar Tips guys, i became able to solve these issues.

In order to fix Google Maps not working properly on Android and Browsers, follow these guides:


I hope it helps you. Thanks!!


None of these solutions worked for me. I have been waiting for a fix from Artbees for many months now. Anyone got a working solution?


Hi Mustapha,

Do you have a page where you can see the error?

On my website google maps works without problems you can see it here

in the theme_options you have added a Google Maps API Key?

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If anyone is still having troubles, this article is what helped me a lot. It describes several API issues that can occur and how to fix them:


WP 4.7.4, and the latest version of Jupiter 5: navigate to Jupiter > Theme Options > Global Settings > API Integrations
then on the left side, third row down under Other Integrations there is a place to enter a Google Maps API Key.



I had the same problem and this solved it for me… thanks much


I am experiencing the same problem. I thought it was Google API credentials not refreshing. I have used this same Jupiter theme on other sites and it’s working fine, but on this installation it’s giving this error. Maybe it’s because of the new V6? Regardless, I’m trying to find the solution!


Sometimes I use the www. and on other sites I do not. I checked everything and finally read this out of the 100’s of posts here. I thought having covered everything but it does not. (not in google’s mindless logic)
The key is (no pun intended) putting TWO entries in the HTTP referrers!! ie:*


With the advice above, I was able to update and Create my Google API and add it to the box under Jupiter Theme.

**Caveat: Prior to this update, Wordpress, Jupiter Theme, and Plugins all had to be UPDATED to current. This includes the VisualEditor, now called WPBakery. (BTW this was a real Pain in the A$% since all I wanted to do was update the countdown timer :wink: )

Creating an API for this was not a new process for me, since a few other sites and features now require it, but the “directions” can sometimes be confusing.


New to Jupiter, and map not working was a disappointment. Solved it by adding the plugin WP Google Maps. Worked immediately. I have had no problems and have upgraded to Pro because the map marker can have the company logo. Looks great. I’ve worked with a number of WP Bakery themes, and I’m making Jupiter work, but the jury is still out. The altered WP Bakery forces a number of choices in how I work.



The error has few solutions such as missing API key which I found in this article which describes you step-by-step what you should do with the page which doesn’t want to load correcty.


One last tip: make sure your billing is connected to your google/api account. I tried every fix listed and I followed the links. Turns out, my google account was not connected to a billing account.