Advanced Google Maps not working


Hello. Just recently, the Advanced Google Maps component has broken. Here is the message I’m receiving:

This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thank you.

Advanced Google Maps API Fix Needed

It seems this is a problem with Google now requiring you to have an API key. I got one but cannot find where to place it in the Jupiter map component. Anyone? Could really use some help. Thanks.


I’m having the same problem!!!


Same problem here, I raised a ticket last week and was told that they are working on a fix, but I had no indication on how long that would take.


I’ve had to replace with the standard google embed code. A bit ugly but at least a map is there.


I have the same problem! Someone got a answer?


Any news from artbees? We need to make the map working asap.


Haven’t heard anything from them and I have no idea how to contact them. This is pretty frustrating, as I have a client who is not happy about the map being broken. Does anyone know how to contact Artbees?



i´ve got the same problem. Yesterday I tried to include the advanced map, but it doesn´t work.
For less than 1 second i can see the map into the frontend of my website, than the error is shown.
If I refresh my browser there is the same procedure.

I´ve generated the required API (like the JS console told me). But nothing changes.


Apparently this will be fixed in the next update.


Is there any eta on when “the next update” will be available? Is there a temporary workaround for this problem right now?



I fixed it by changing this in /wp-content/themes/jupiter/assets/js/min/components-full.js:


Then I also had to turn off “Intelligent Components Technology” in the theme options under advanced. <<< not sure why

This is a bad fix, but it’ll work while we wait for an update…

Good luck.


Hi Tobias,

thanks for helping us to fix it since the artbees have a solution.

Great! :slight_smile:


Hi! I tried this but it didn’t work. Do you think it is because I did it within the child theme instead?

Also, I am doing this on a multi-site.


Sorry, I have no idea :confused: Have you cleared the theme cache?

It would be nice to get an answer from an Artbees employee on this.


I went and made the changes in the main theme and it worked. Strange but thanks so much for posting this fix! Hope they fix it soon.


Thanks for posting the fix, Tobias. For some reason, though, I do not have the components-full.js file in that directory. I only have a file called core-scripts.js. Any idea why you guys would have this and I wouldn’t?

Artbees - Please get on this quickly. Have several unhappy clients at the moment because of the lack of map.


Are you using an older version of the theme? The fix should be the same, but it’s probably in a different file.
You’ll have to figure out what file the google maps api is being loaded from and add your api key like I’ve shown above.


I’m having the same problem!!!


Same problem!!! any ideas