Adjust menu scroll to anchor


Hi, i have issues using mi anchor links, the scroll doesn’t contemplate the header height so it hides some information, i need to adjust the scroll so it fits just when my section starts, it’s there a way to solve this? thanks


Hi Matias,

It actually needs to be seen first. Can I ask your website URL please?



yes of course!


Hi, I have the same problem.


It’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next update.


This is issue is still happening in version 1.13. The sticky menu is overlapping the section that is being scrolled down to, so it’s height isn’t being taken into account when you want to add anchors to the page.


Sorry about that, the fix for this problem is already included in the upcoming version of the theme


Downloaded and installed v1.14.0 and updated all plugins. The problem still exists where the sticky header is overlapping the content on a bookmark. It was written in the release notes that this bug is fixed, but it’s not.

To see the problem, visit this page,, and scroll a bit down to see the 4 service blocks. Click on any one of them and you’ll see the page scrolls too far.

Please advise.