Add to cart doesnt show up when product isn't in stock


Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is a feature or an issue.
I styled an own template for the Woocommerce Product Pages which works pretty well.

The problem is, that the “Single Add To Cart” button doesnt show up on the product page when it’s not available to buy.
I would prefer some kind of “Out of Stock” ord gerayed out button but i can’t find any option for that. I tried a lot of options in the customizer too but the button stil doesn’t show up

Anyone else got this problem or a solution for this?


Yes, the button won’t show up if it’s out of stock but there is an option in the customizer to show the out of stock label for the unavailable product.


Thanks for the quick reply
I activated the checkbox in the customizer, but there is still no button available.

I’m using the Single Add to Cart widget for it. Also it doesn’t show the “incl. VAT” part.


The out of stock badge should be there.
Did you check it in Customizer -> Shop -> Product Page ?

This is how it looks for me:


Yes, i tried that already, “Out of Stock” is checked but it wont show up in the custom template i made with JetWooBuilder, neither the add to cart button does so the customer will not know that the product is out of stock. Its not a big deal but It just looks a bit unfinished.

This is how our product page looks like rn. Product with stock and without stock.


As you said, it’s a custom template by Jet Woo Builder and may be it’s a bug with the plugin because the option works fine with the default template.