Add Stick Template to Universal Settings



I cannot think of a website where I have wanted white space between the header and the content, or the content and the footer. Having gone through your template pages I have found that you have enabled stick template on most, if not all of them. It is a great feature that saves time, however it would be stratospherically more useful in the universal settings, enabled by default, as it is enough of a hassle enabling it on a simple site with less than ten pages. On a complex site with upwards of thirty, this rapidly goes from annoyance to major headache. Whilst an artbees recommended CSS edit removed MOST of the space, I still had to individually enable the stick template option on every page. Just a thought I had after enabling stick header the sixth time.


Universal stick template option has been added to the theme in V6 of the theme.

You can find the option in Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Main Content -> Layouts & Backgrounds