Add Social Media Buttons to Full Screen Menu


How can I add with Jupiter X and Elementor PRO social media buttons, a search button or custom text (for example: copyright infos) to a full screen menu (for all devices)?


Unfortunately, I don’t think that is possible to do.


I’m disappointed. This is a really basic and typical menu design option (especially for responsive designs). Could you add this as a feature request? Thanks.


I can understand.
Okay, I added it to the feature request list and hopefully, it may be added in the future.


Well, you still can do it using a trick. You can use the Jet Popups plugin to create a popup, add the menu button trigger to the popup and place the button in your custom header. Then inside the popup, build your full screen menu just like what you want. You don’t even need the Elementor Pro on this.


:+1: Creative idea, Mohsen, but some browser (and users like me) block pop-ups.
Have a look at my website how i design it with the old Jupiter versions. As you can see, a solution for a “hidden” vertical menu with a hamburger icon would be fine for me too.

Elementor Pro – which i bought – provide the “nav menu widget” and show some examples with text and social-media-icons inside. But they don’t explain (either on demand) how they created it.


Actually, the popup that we are talking about is using lightbox and will never block by the browsers. Here is an example I created for this purpose:

It’s using exactly the same method I described.

Anyway, I checked the Elementor link you provided, it is probably using a widget position on the full screen menus. It is possible to inject some content using a plugin to the jupiterx menu positions as well, but It’s simpler if you use the popup method and this way you can actually have the very customized version of your own menu.