Add Cart Icon or Nav Link to Mobile Header



When shopping on the mobile version of Jupiter, the Cart is hidden. Is it possible to move this into the hamburger navigation as a link with dynamic count?

Cart not showing in mobile responsive menu

Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I just started building an e-commerce website and as I like Jupiter, I decided to go with it. And now after most of the website is finished, Im rather buzzled because its not usable for e-commerce websites (there aint no shopping cart in mobile view).

I think I have built 8-9 websites on Jupiter and allthough it still has some growing space, I kindla like the theme and have planned to use it a lot more in the future. I was flattering myself with idea that I would use Jupiter for next few e-commerce websites but its year 2016 and no theme can be called usable if it aint 100% mobile friendly. And if a theme dosent have a shopping cart in mobile view, then it aint mobile friendly e-commerce theme. Huge amont of people shop using mobile devices and no shop owner can tell them sorry, no you cant buy anything right now, come back when you are using a computer.

Sorry for long rattle but its late, I have spent 4 days on this website and now must throw it out of the window or start to hack the Jupiter. It just aint fun.


+1 for this feature, I think it’d be a great addition!


I know that this is not a right place but I actually found a Jupiter menu that shows woocommerce shopping cart in rensponsive view:)

Oddly its the burger menu style of Jupiter:D:D:D:D
I assume that when using the burger menu, a mobile menu is not activated and default main menu is used. So, Artbees guys, lets kick mobile menu and use Jupiter burger menu for responsive views instead lol


Good news guys,

In v5.1 we have added cart link for devices smaller than 768px and we are preparing to roll it out very soon after having a proper test.


Wohooo, those are good news Bob!


How to customize and active/deactive this option ?


You can disable the Shopping cart on mobile phone option in Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Shop -> General



HI Danish, the cart icon is great… But we only need it visible when we need it. We run a content blog driven site that also has a store. If we activate the cart icon it’s everywhere! We need an option to show the cart icon only when there is something in it!

Thank you!


That will require you to do some custom coding. Basically, you will have to add a condition while showing the cart.



Hi Danish, is there any interest in add the above to the theme in a update? (Creating an option to only show the Mobile Cart Icon when there is an item on the cart?) We’re really struggling with some of the (mobile) limitations of the theme, headers, UX, etc. It’s a great theme on desktop but not enough control over basic things like this on Mobile. If you can let me know what it would cost your team to handle this modification that would be great. Thank you.


Well, as such it is not on the cards.

You can actually request this as a feature by creating a new topic here

If the request gets many votes, our dev team will consider adding it.