ADA Accessibility Issues with Jupiter


We use Jupiter theme on several of our clients websites. We’re starting to field requests about ADA compliance and have found that Jupiter out of the box has multiple issues. One we need assistance with is adding accessible/aria tags to the contact form module in Jupiter. Has anyone successfully accomplished this?


We are having the same issues. Have you heard back from Artbees or resolved the issues yet on your own?


Artbees ticket support first indicated that the next sprint would include at least modifications to portfolio, image, and other page builder elements that are egregiously kicking up errors, maybe within 3 months. However, in a subsequent message on the ticket, they indicated they would need to rebuild Jupiter from the ground up to achieve WCAG2.0 compliance and it will be an indeterminate amount of time before that happened - basically, don’t hold our breath. Shame, it’s a nice theme.
For clients using a prebuilt theme, it’s less expensive to switch to a compliant theme and port their design over, rather than “fix” Jupiter. For one thing, it’s an involved fix, and at this price point, not worth the work - you can achieve 90% similar designs with a compliant theme. For another, because a lot of the modifications are to page builder components, theme updates overwrite the mods regardless of whether you are using a child theme.


ADA compliance/accessibility is starting to become a major concern for many of my clients, including some non-profit clients that are in danger of losing their public funding if the site isn’t ADA compliant. You can imagine my embarrassment upon the launch of a beautiful, brand new site, only to find that my clients are threatened with loss of funds because their new website isn’t actually up-to-date.

Please make this theme ADA compliant ASAP. Please!


It’s a major issue, and Artbees has indicated to me that no ADA compliant update is coming in the near future. The response I received is “Since we are going to re-create the Jupiter from scratch, and this task is so time consuming, the dev team decided to put it for the new Jupiter theme which will be out in a couple of months. So, it will probably takes more than 3 months to be fully ADA Compatible.” So any site using Jupiter, for a company with more than 15 employees, will be in violation of US federal law for at least the rest of 2018? Sweet!

So last week we put 3 new sites on an ADA compliant theme, and are moving another 10 sites off Jupiter in the next 6 weeks. It’s not just that Jupiter isn’t compliant - it’s egregiously so, and the fixes my development team enacted on one of our clients sites were overridden by a subsequent theme update, even with a child theme. So it’s hard to fix, and then the work gets undone, Artbees seems pretty lackadaisical about the whole thing.

They also have no GDPR acknowledgement on their mailchimp widgets or contact forms, which is going to start being enforced as of May 28.