A Sticky header menu for mobile


Hi, a Sticky header menu would be great for tablets and mobiles… Scrolling to top to get the menu again is not efficient.

thank you


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I’m going to go and say +1 for this. This needs to be implemented.


I’d like to say this is def a priceless option to have (surprised many more haven’t requested) +1


+1 and some more words for minimum post lenght.


+1 on this, this is such a key UX feature for mobile!


+1 for me also! Thanks!


Please add mobile sticky header for your themes.


Yes please!! This provides such great usability for user on mobile.


Please lets be Totally sticky!


+1 for such an option


+1 from me, this is totally needed and becoming a more and more common (and requested) feature in sites I customize for my clients.


+1 for me too, would like to see this option.


Certainly would be great


+1 for me. This would be so nice.


+1 definitely a must-have for mobile navigation


+1 Totally agree and necessary!!
In the meantime it’s possible to do it customizing the CSS.


Please add this. It’s been asked/requested since 2018.


yes +1 for this feature


+1 from me to. has anyone found any way to do this with custom code?