6.2.0 Update Missing WooCommerce Templates / Broken


The 6.2.0 update was pushed out today but it is missing the correct WooCommerce templates. Specifically the content-product.php is currently version 3.4.0 and the core version is 3.6.0. I would have expected this to have been updated being that WooCommerce 3.6 has been out for almost 2 months now.

When manually updating the template as suggested in the WooCommerce System Status screen, shop pages are broken.

Can this template update be expedited and pushed out within the week?


I want to know the same thing.

We are thousands of users who use woocommerce with Jupiter. Why haven’t you updated the templates with this new version?

Don’t doubt artbees. I will not buy a license for new products again. As a professional I can’t offer products that are abandoned in a couple of years.



Hi Guys,

We update the WooCommerce template files on each release whenever they are ready. We also need to test them and make sure they are not causing incompatibility issues with our theme. So, as long as they are compatible with the current version, it’s safe to keep them as they are. Certainly it will be updated in the next release. :slight_smile: